A deeply dramatic play with moments of great laughter. Audiences can expect to be gripped by the tension, informed by the story and entertained by the comedy.

Power, Politics, family feuding and violence all feature in this historical drama that tells the fascinating story of the activist life of Sylvia Pankhurst. A woman who fought for working class women to have an equal status in society, who supported the Irish struggle for independence much to the chagrin of her English family and friends.

Sylvia suffered cruel force feeding in Holloway prison as well as sexual violence. Yet she became sceptical of the direction of her feminist sisters and found herself marginalised. Her verbal battles with her manic sister Christabel and her Mother Emmeline are by times hilarious and by times filled with pathos.

The story of the suffragette campaign is told in the events that follow as well as the birth of radical ideas on inclusivity.

Sylvia Pankhurst:Rebecca Farrell

Christabel Pankhurst:Rachel O'Hara

Emmeline Pankhurst:Sheila O'Keefe

Keir Hardy:Barry Deignan

Lord Northcliffe:Gerry Farrell



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