Lighting & Ancillary



FOH static 6m IWB with six hardwired circuits
2 x FOH vertical booms with three circuits per side
3 x 7m Trusses equally spaced over stage area with 6 x circuits
on staggered Socapex per truss
Trusses flown with CM ProStar motors 250kg
Outboard 6 channel Motor controller with remote on 10m cable

Total 30 2.5kw dimmers as follows:
24 x ways Jands FPX DMX dimming
6 x ways Zero88 Betapack 3 for FOH booms or floor circuits

10 x ETC SourceFour jr. profile 25/50 575w
8 x Selecon Acclaim fresnel 650w
4 x Strand Quartet fresnel 650w
8 x Showtec Spectral PC 1200z RGBW LED with zoom
All Fresnels have Barndoors

2 x SourceFour gobo holders, M size
10 x 10m 15amp cables
6 x 5m 15amp cables
6 x 3m 15amp cables
We do not supply colour
A black box is created on stage with 2 x 4mx4.5m BWS drapes for the side walls, and 2 x 4mx4m BWS drapes on Halls T60 line operated tab track on the upstage wall.
8 x BWS Legs, 4mx1m
4 x Halls Swivel sets
6m x 4m white filled cotton cyclorama, behind upstage tabs.
ETC ColorSource 40 lighting console
8 x 1mx2m aluminium stage deck SWL 750kg with adjustable legs to heights of 600mm, 800mm and 1M 300mm legs available.
2 x 12 rung 3 part extension ladders.




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