Volunteer Policy

The Glens Centre Volunteer Policy 15/10/21

Principles and values
The Glens Centre welcomes volunteers. This policy will:
• let volunteers know how we will ensure fairness and consistency.
• enable volunteers to know where they stand.
• offer security in terms of knowing how they will be treated.
• help staff and volunteers understand each other’s roles.
Who is a volunteer?
Volunteering is “an activity that involves spending time, unpaid, doing something that aims to benefit the environment or someone (individuals or groups) other than, or in addition to, close relatives”.
A volunteer at The Glens Centre is a member of the public who undertakes tasks, which complement the work of paid staff in achieving our aims.
Anyone approaching The Glens Centre offering their services as a volunteer will be asked to complete an application form. If suitable, they should be interviewed. If the volunteer will be working with vulnerable people, both references and a Garda check will be needed.
If it is decided that the person is not suitable for the volunteering role they have applied for, they will be given an explanation why. They should also be advised of other opportunities, as appropriate.
Volunteer agreement
A volunteer agreement, rather than a contract of employment, will be drawn up. This will outline the tasks the volunteer is expected to undertake. The tasks should be as fulfilling as possible, and described clearly in order to set boundaries. However, there should also be a degree of flexibility. This will allow volunteers to develop or re-negotiate their role. Volunteers should not be used to replace departing staff members.
Volunteers will have an induction that includes:
• an introduction to staff, other volunteers and members they will be working with.
• an explanation of relevant procedures.
• shown where the various facilities are.
• training for their duties, where necessary.

Phil Sun Chairman

15 Oct 2021


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