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Rock School 2020

While mixing and producing this CD, the aim was to preserve each performance in it’s original form as much as possible. We did the minimum of fixing and editing. We wanted the songs and performances to be a true reflection of the kids as they are right now, without making the songs “perfect” which is so possible in the recording studio. We concentrated on getting great sounds and good mixes which allow the musicality of each group to shine through.

All the bands except one, came together for the first time this summer for a week and in that time they wrote and recorded this body of work. A couple of the musicians had sung and played together before, but apart from that, these were new bands.
Some are beginners, some are playing many years and there are different levels of technical ability, but as this CD shows, none of this matters when people come together to play music. The simplest contribution, whether song writing, singing or playing can add to and transform a song or piece of music and therefore everyone is included and their voices are encouraged and amplified. I would like to acknowledge the talents of the tutors who taught, coached, helped write and make suggestions for arrangements and brought out the best performances from everyone.

It was a really enjoyable experience for all involved and we are honoured to present these original and cover songs from Rockschool 2020.



Two Large Hawaiians
Roseena Mc Nair: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.
Cian Sweeney: Electric Guitar, Piano, Backing vocals. Noah Cavalero: Bass Guitar.
Axel Delamata: Drums, Acoustic Guitar.
Age: 15/16. Tutor: Niamh Currid


Gen B
Magdalene Fisher Carey: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals. Leah Rhodes: Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
Rosie Spoorenberg: Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals Marieke Spoorenberg: Flute, Backing Vocals
Gemma Mulholland: Cahon, Backing Vocals.
Age: 13/14. Tutor: Brian Sweeney


In The Name Of Jason
Freya Brennan: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keyboard.
Senna O Hara: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Ukelele.
Mathew Connolly: Bass, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals. Eoin Murphy: Drums.
Age16/17. Tutors: Diarmuid Armstrong, Otter Cooper


The Dean Mc Morrow Band aka The Third Large Hawaiian.
Dean Mc Morrow: Lead Vocals.
With Cian Sweeney: Electric Guitar.
Axel Delamata: Drums.


Rosenna Mc Nair, Backing Vocals. Noah Cavalero: Bass Guitar.

Age 15/16. Tutor: Niamh Currid


Evan Gerry: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Saxophone
Mathew Connolly: Acoustic Guitar.
Glen Feely: Bass Guitar.
Tarach O Snodaigh: Electric Guitar.
Bronwen Kirwin: Drums.
Age 16/17. Tutor: Ken Mc Donald
Grooveline have been playing gigs together for the last 3 years.


Lauren Rooney: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.
Noelle Harkin: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Bass.
Joshua Gordon O Gormley: Electric Guitar, Drums, Backing Vocals. Leo Mullaney: Electric and Acoustic guitars.
Chris Curran: Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica.
Age 17/18. Tutor: Lughaidh Armstrong


Minnie The Vicious
Charlie Wilson: Lead Vocals, Saxophone. Rosie Armstrong: Lead Vocals.
Cherry Negpen: Lead Vocals.
Age 11. Tutor: Otter Cooper Acccompanied by:
Meghan Mc Kenna: Keyboard.
Otter Cooper: Acoustic and Electric Guitar.


Tripping Hazard
Ellen Fitzpatrick: Lead Vocals, Ukelele
Isabella Curtis Smith: Backing Vocals, Keyboard. Mathew Fitzpatrick: Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar. Reuben Rhodes: Drums.
Age 12/13/14. Tutor: Ciaran Rock


Proinnsias Murray
Lead Vocals and all instruments. Age 14. Produced by Proinnsias


Holly O Connor: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals.
Minnie Lee Mc Loughlin: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals. Sionnan Fee: Keyboard, Freenotes.
Evan Broughtan: Electric Guitar, Bass.
Age 14/15/16. Tutor: Stephen O Dowd
Stephen O Dowd: Drum Programming.


Track List… BACK COVER

1: Bangers and Mash [Original]……Two Large Hawaiians
2: Cannot See Me [Original] ……Two Large Hawaiians
3: Mardi Bum [Arctic Monkeys] …..Gen B
4: Fields On Fire [Original] …..Gen B, written by Sionnan Fee.
5: I Got The [Labi Siffre] ….. In The Name Of Jason
6: The New Normal [Original] …..In The Name Of Jason
7: Do I Wanna Know [Arctic Monkeys]… Dean Mc Morrow Band
8: Counting Flies [Original] ….Grooveline
9: Piece Of My Heart [Janis Joplin] ….. Seeker
10: Silver Noose [Original]…..Seeker
11: Lost Boy [Ruth B] …..Minnie The Vicious
12: Ocean Eyes [Billie Eilish]….Minnie The Vicious
13: 21 Guns [Greenday]….Tripping Hazard
14: I See Fire [Ed Sheeeran]…..Tripping Hazard
15: Little Row Boat [Original]…. Proinnsias Murray
16: Back To Black Magic Woman [Peter Green, Amy Winehouse]….Xweenyius 17: Spaced Out [Original]….Xweenyius

Cover Artwork: Lughaidh Armstrong
Design: Tiger Print. CD Manufacture: Duplication Ireland Copyright: Rockschool 2020

All bands were recorded by Mark Gavin, except four. These were recorded by Stephen O Dowd, Lughaidh Armstrong, Brian Sweeney and Proinnsias Murray.

Mixed by Mark Gavin and Dee Armstrong. Mastered by Mark Gavin.
Produced by Dee Armstrong.

We would like to say a special thanks to Brendan Murray and the staff in the Glen Centre for providing workshop space and support and Gerry Creamer in the Bee Park and John Gilligan in the Boxing Club for providing additional space so we could run the Rockschool this year, socially distanced.




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