WORK IS THE CURSE OFTHE DRINKING CLASSES by Neil Titley Starring Will Govan and directed by Rebecca O’Connor

Friday 1st September 8pm

Set in Paris in 1898, Will Govan plays an exiled Oscar Wilde looking back on hisextraordinarily colourful lifeand ruminating on love, fame, family and misfortune with his infamous wit and irreverence in this hilariousbut ultimately tragic story of a life.

The play draws on Wilde’s letters, essays and anecdotes to bring this literary genius to life in a 60-minuteperformance which will appeal as much to those who know little about the man as it will to those who admirehis work.

This play has delighted audiences in hundreds of venues across the world, including the USA, Canada, India,Hong Kong, Uruguay, Zimbabwe, Bahrain and Ethiopia.

‘Titley balances Wilde’s almost dutiful humour with an unsentimental portrayal of his suffering in ReadingGaol, his bitter perception of man’s inhumanity to man. He also captures his character’s dignity in despairand the comedy makes the heartbreak of Wilde’s life even more poignant. It is a most moving effect.’Evening Standard

8pm Ticket: €14/12