Trolley-The Heroic Battle of Lugh By Karl Quinn with Ciarán Taylor

Saturday 04th February 8pm

Trolley is the name given to a man who spends every day, rain, hail or snow trawling a rich suburb, gathering and sorting rubbish into his supermarket trolley. Without a home, he finds refuge in childhood tales from Irish Mythology, and the great warrior Lugh of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Tormented by the demons of his past, he is condemned by fate to an endless routine of seemingly pointless work. It is his struggle for order and meaning, and like Lugh’s battle with Balor, to resolve a troubled family legacy -to fight his father.

Trolley disturbs the local residents routine, and forces a young man who watches from a window to question his own certainties, and how we get caught in inescapable patterns. Irish mythology is full of confusion and plots with no endings. Actor Karl Quinn uses Trolley’s precious rubbish to bring its heroes and monsters to life, accompanied with live music by Jack Cawley, as he battles to joyfully make sense of our half remembered stories.

Funded by the Arts Council and supported by The Glens Centre

From the company that brought you Breath a music play (2022)

‘It was one of those performances that kept you riveted….the audience a went out with a smile on their faces and, I suspect, breathing a little easier.’ review of Breath- a music play

8pm Ticket: €10