St. Brigid’s Day Stories by Playback Theatre

Sunday 5th February 8pm

Join Full Circle Playback Theatre for an evening of your life moments, enacted on the spot through improvised physical theatre and music. Hear, see and feel stories that are unique, that connect us with others and that keep resonating. 

St. Brigid’s Day. The first day of Spring. A new Bank Holiday. A day to celebrate a Goddess, a Saint, a strong inspiring woman, the embodiment of craft. Her cross wards off fire, hunger and evil. For giving up her beauty, she ended up more beautiful than before. Her body lies in Downpatrick, her skull in Lisbon. 

Facts, made-up stories, dreams; all our lives consist of them, St. Brigid’s and our own. Which stories remain, need to be remembered, need to keep being told? 

8pm. Tickets: €13/10