OPHELIA. MAYBE By Joachim Matschoss

Saturday 7th October 8pm

ophelia. maybe is a nuanced new theatre piece devised by BYTE Melbourne (BackYardTheatreEnsemble), an independent company that produces theatre dedicated to devised issue-based work nationally and internationally.

This new theatre piece has two friends at its centre. Both try make it in the Performing Arts industry. They dream of the big break, prepare for auditions, read plays, and study characters but above all they are friends. How far will they go to be successful?

This Millennial post-modern drama is a multifaceted play exploring the complex themes of identity, relationships and what it is to be artistically driven as a young female in the modern world.

OPHELIA. MAYBE premiered in Victoria/Australia in early December 2022, before touring thereafter nationally and internationally.

We offer Q&A sessions for schools after the performance and also workshops focused on the creation of the piece, as well as workshops and masterclasses on various topics (please check our website).

Joachim Matschoss is a poet and playwright from Melbourne/Australia.

8pm Ticket: €12/10