Supporting cross community and cross border conversations about ‘cultural imaginations’.

Cultural Conversations is a cross community and cross border conversational programme, supporting people from different community backgrounds to engage in conversations with each other about ‘cultural imagination and identity’.

This discussion series focuses on the creative, literary, cultural imaginations and articulations by people of a Protestant cultural/faith background in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, over 100 years.  

The project is being delivered with our partners Eastside Arts (Belfast) and The Yeats Society (Sligo).

The programme creates an opportunity to:

  • consider is there is a distinctly Protestant cultural imagination? 
  • engage in positive conversations about ‘the imagination’ across cultural spaces;
  • develop awareness as to a plethora of influences shaping imagination and cultural voice;
  • add creative perspectives into our understandings of the imagination and identity on the island, across two jurisdictions.

When and where? 

Phase I  – Online (Facilitated via Zoom).

  • 8 Sessions – Online.Commencing Thursday 10th March. Zoom details provided to participants. 
  • Zoom Sessions will be Thursday’s 7.30-9.15pm, with the exception of St Patrick’s week.

Phase II – In person Events/Workshops.

  • 2-4 in person discussion and cultural events in Belfast, Sligo, Leitrim/Fermanagh. Further details released to participants in due course.

Weekly sessions will include inputs by Connal Parr, guest speakers and will include group and plenary discussion.

We are looking to create a group of participants from different community backgrounds, from Fermanagh, Leitirm, Sligo and Belfast, with an interest in engaging in discussion with others, through given texts extracts, film clips etc.

Prior reading is not required. Participants ideally will be able to commit to 80to 100% of the programme.

Participants group discussion will be supported by Connal Parr, Diane Greer and Ruth Gonsalves Moore.

If you would like to take part, please email your name, address, postcode and a contact telephone number to Ruth

Registration by Monday 28thFebruary 2022.

This programme is a re-development of our 2019 programme bringing together people from north Leitrim and Fermanagh. Participants had hoped to undertake a visit to East Belfast but the onset of pandemic predvented that. We are delighted to have the support of Eastside Arts and The Yeats Society who will host related events in phase 2, later in 2022.

Some feedback from 2019:

“I’m more curious about the protestant imagination in Ireland north and south and fascinated to know more”.

“It has been one of the most interesting, if not the most interesting course I think I have ever been on”.

“ a real eye opener and all avenues of loyalism was discussed in an open and fair manner”.

“ I haven’t had these kind of conversations before. It’s hard to put words to the benefit, but I would say it has given way to new thinking. It was ‘an intellectual examination’ – an invaluable one and very courteous discussion’.