Across the Lines – International Fund for Ireland programme

a cross community and cross border peace-impacts programme for north Leitrim.

Across the Lines is an IFI funded programme which builds upon existing community spirit to further develop harmonious relationships, greater awareness and a celebration of diversity in the north Leitrim area on a cross community and cross border basis and develops organisational capacity, individual leadership and creativity skills.

The programme acknowledges and addresses negative impacts associated with historical and past conflict in and about Northern Ireland, which hindered and interfered with community relationships. The programme also seeks to counter some of the negative impacts of being a rural constituency which leads to an outward migration of young people, who rarely return.

Working with partner organisations across the north Leitrim and south west Fermanagh area, the Across the Lines programme creates a number of new opportunities. These will focus on relationship building, the development of awareness and understanding around diversity, and the development of skills development and learning within the field of arts and creativity.

The initial programme includes creative and learning opportunities for a number of target groups:

  • Men’s Development Project (We Grow Strong)  – a cross community and cross border skills development, visual storytelling project for men
  • Women’s Development Project (She can be Anything) – a cross community and cross border visual photography/film project for women (including younger 18-35yrs olds)
  • Choral Spectacular (Songlines across the Border)  – a cross-community and cross border, choral and open mic project for individual performers, and community and school choral groups.
  • Youth Theatre Project  – a cross community and cross border and inter-generational youth theatre project leading to a new script and performance/s.
  • Creative Industries Skills – opportunities for training within (Theatre/Music) Production for all – including young adults.
  • Capacity Building – opportunities for discussion and practical training for all partner organisations across north Leitrim and south west Fermanagh areas.

As each project developed further information will be available on the Glens centre website.

Further Information is available by contacting Ruth Gonsalves Moore:

T: 071 9855833  M: 0871669951

Our hope is that in its own small yet significant way, the Across the Lines programme and all our partners can enable greater inclusive connectively within North Leitrim and south to north, as well as a greater appreciation of our diversity through working together, supporting the development of confidence and the celebration of people working together.


About the Fund

The International Fund for Ireland was established as an independent international organisation by the British and Irish Governments in 1986. With contributions from the United States of America, the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, the total resources committed to the Fund to date amount to £719m / €904m, funding over 5,800 projects across the island of Ireland.


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