The Grange Players presents ‘The Weir’

Tuesday 6th June 8pm

The Grange Players are back, bringing to the stage Conor McPherson’s The Weir, directed by Paddy Davis, it’s a play set in a small pub in ‘northwest Leitrim or Sligo’.

Locals Jack and Jim are having a few drinks with Brendan, the pub’s owner, when bigshot Finbar arrives with Valerie, a woman in her forties who has recently moved to the area from Dublin.

After some awkward politeness, the men begin to tell Valerie about the local area and as they compete with each other to impress the newcomer, they fall into an exchange of spooky stories of supernatural happenings related to their own experience or that of others in the area.

As the stories become increasingly frightening, it becomes clear that Valerie has a story of her own to tell – a story of personal bereavement that not only explains her recent move from Dublin but also has a profound effect on the men listening to her.

8pm Ticket: €15/12