Freddie White

Saturday 10th September 8pm (Door Open 7.30)

Freddie White has long been synonymous with music of the highest quality. He has been part of the fabric of the live music scene in Ireland since the 1970’s and his albums continue to sell well, amongst his loyal and new-found fan base.
He was a founding member of ‘Scullion’, and later he formed ‘The Fake’, regarded as one of the seminal Irish bands of the late ‘70’s. Next came The Freddie White Band formed in 1978, which toured with Eric Clapton that year.
Freddie is touring Ireland again where new songs will feature along with his classics from his 40-year career as a principal in the orchestra of Irish folk and rock music.

“Freddie White has gathered around him as seriously good a selection of songs as he’s ever been privy to, and that’s saying something for a man who’s kept company with the greats… (this) looks like being his finest album in many years… songs that are at times meditative, low down and funky, and refreshingly reflective on matters that make others shuffle uncomfortably…” – Hot Press June 23rd 1999

“The songs on this album range in mood from very positive and upbeat to very tragic and tender. The song ‘Brief Nameless Treasure’ is a breathtaking piece of songwriting… always been seen as a very thoughtful, serious singer and writer and this album adds to that impression.” – Event Guide June 22nd 1999

“…a superb album that is wide ranging and complex… ‘My Country’ is quintessentially Freddie White. Those deep expressive tones, the accomplished and always tasty guitar work. One can almost feel his emotion throughout this odyssey of friendship and tribute. Co-producer Declan Sinnott has done what he does best, coaxing the very best out of Freddie, gently embellishing… or tastefully leaving well enough alone…” – Echo June 1999

8pm. Tickets: €22/20