Hear from… the cast & crew of our Cinderella Christmas Pantomime!


Hear from some of the amazing cast & crew working on our annual Christmas Pantomime with The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company!
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TURF – The Performance

To get to the heart of TURF, the performance, you must witness it in real time. A truly unique piece of theatre in every sense of the word, to fully understand it and appreciate it, you must experience it. Any one will tell you that working in the bog requires patience, “and more patience”. It’s a mantra we could all do well and adopt in our lives that have become busy and chaotic. TURF invites the audience on an investigative journey, punctuated with provocative, fiercely athletic and beautifully detailed movement. Situated somewhere deep within the Irish soul, it tells the story of one life, but many selves. TURF reaches out to the experienced turf-cutters among us (and there are many) and to people who have never stepped foot in a bog and who wouldn’t know one end of slane from another. The show appeals to seasoned theatre-goers and to non-theatre goers, interested in the topic, we encourage you to take a risk and see this show.

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