She can be anything. Women’s Development Project

SHE can BE… Anything!

Is a new creative programme for women aged between 21 and 30yrs taking place in 2018.

Using video, photography, drama and writing, women will have the opportunity to on  explore ways in which women look at themselves and portray identities. The programme will provide an opportunity for the participants in a creative way to consider images of women as portrayed in mainstream media, as well as how we choose to portray ourselves in social media. The programme will give participants new creative skills and encourage women to consider ‘the real me’ and ‘the aspirational self’, and  to consider the multiple dimensions which are a part of our identity  as women today.

The project will lead to the development and creation of material for an exhibition and the development of an archive of new representations of ‘the contemporary Leitrim woman’.

How are women represented in the media?

How do we portray ourselves in our own lives and on social media?

Can we be something other than ourselves?


SHE can BE… Anything is a space to be playful, and reflective while learning some new creative skills.

The programme will be workshop based and will culminate in a multi Arts Theatre. Exhibition and Conference Event.

The project will be delivered with a number of partners including North Leitrim Women’s Centre and the Leitrim Sculpture Centre and community groups. Opportunities still exist to become  involved and to shape the project.

If you are in the age bracket, or if you know women or work with women who would be interested in taking part – on either side of our border – please do get in touch:



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