Border Listening Posts

Border Listening Posts is a series of meaningful conversations about lived experiences along the border, past and present.

Border Listening Posts enables conversations which illuminate the way in which the border shapes lives and everyday living . The project seeks to uncover individual and collective meanings of the border for those who dwell here today.

We wish to encourage engagement in conversation and the sharing of stories based on lived experiences. Conversations and stories about border life today,  and our recent past where there is a relevance for the present.

Stories/Conversations may be directly about border crossings, everyday journeys across and around border-lands, about interactions with passers-by at the border today, community gatherings or public interventions along the border.

Think you have a story to share?

Is there another person with whom you would like to engage in a short conversation about your border experience/insight?

We would love to hear from you.

Across the Lines Conversations will be recorded, edited and archived.

Permissions  will be sought to share a number of recorded stories/conversations within public arenas.

Please contact Ray or Ruth at the Glens Centre, Manorhamilton. T: 071 9855833 or

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