A Choral Spectacular – Creative Collaboration II

Songlines across the Border

This creative collaboration project, themed as a Songlines across the Border  project, will conclude in a choral spectacular with song all about or inspired by the physical, mythological, psychological border or negotiation and navigation of our geographical or cultural border/s.  The project will bring people together in the Leitrim /Fermanagh border area for a final showcase of community singing, community connections and celebration of the diversity of the border region today. The choral aspect will engage community choir groups, community singing groups and primary school groups on a cross border basis. The choral spectacular will take place on May 17th 2019 Ballroom of Romance, Glenfarne. 

This project also connects individuals who like to take part to perform, recite or sing, and the activities are developing through the linking up of two similar voluntary groups:  The Thing Itself , a spoken word group in Enniskillen with Open Mic Manor which host open mic events in Manorhamilton. Three cross border open mic events are taking place in Enniskillen, Blacklion/Belcoo and Manorhamilton enabling individual performers, musicians, poets to make new connections across the border. Individuals have the opportunity  to meet with other individuals who like to perform and to come on the road and visit three locales in our border region.  These events are themed and offer an opportunity for individuals to contribute their own work or recite/perform which is about our border place, or address the wider theme of ‘borders’ today, and creates a space for individuals to share and listen and  deepen their own awareness of the area through the words of peers and hopefully friends. We especially welcome   contributions on a border theme.




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