Across the Lines Forum

‘The border’, has been both visible and invisible at various junctures of our recent history – at times  being a significant ‘frontier’ and other times less so. Besides the physical border, other social  and economy matters can be inhibiting or prohibiting factors to community cohesion and sustainability.

It feels important to make a purposeful effort to engage and create on an inclusive basis.  To this end we would like to invite groups and individuals to be part of an Across the Lines Forum, which will be about

  • developing a collective confidence about a inclusive community and in particular inter-community, cross-community and cross-border working. The Across the Lines Forum will also inform current/future Across the Lines projects.

Across the Lines Forum will also offer training support as well as opportunities to consider the meaning for ‘the border’ today, and to depend civic engagement acids the border and other borders.

This first meeting is taking place on Wed 29th Nov 7.30pm The Glens Centre.



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