Sound Spec

Pair Nexo PS 15 r2 mid top speakers
Pair Nexo LS1200 sub bass speakers
Nexo NXAmp 4×4
4 x mixes
6 x Nexo PS 10 r2 monitors
Nexo NXAmp 4×1
Yamaha LS9 16 Digital mixing console
Fitted with MY16AT 16channel ADAT card
16 additional input channels via Focusrite Octopre’s
16 channel direct digital output to Logic Pro recording
BSS Opal FCS966 graphic equaliser for FOH
4 x Shure SM 58 Dynamic
2 x Shure Beta 58A Dynamic
4 x Shure Beta 56A Dynamic
1 x Shure Beta 91 Boundary
1 x Shure Beta 52 Dynamic
2 x Sennheiser e606 Dynamic
2 x Shure Beta 87A vocal condenser
4 x SE Electronic sE1a small diaphragm condenser
2 x Neumann KM 184 small diaphragm condenser
1 x SE Electronic sE2000a Large diaphragm condenser
1 x Neumann KMS 105 vocal condenser
1 x Earthworks KickPad inline processor
6 x Radial Engineering J48 active DI
4 x Stageline passive DI[/av_cell][/av_row]

Tascam MD player
Swissonic CDMP pro CD player

8 x K&M boom stand, tall
8 x K&M boom stand, short
2 x Audix Cab Grabbers