Mission & Strategy

Vision – The Glens Centre

Finding new ways to make art happen.

Mission 2016-2026

The mission of the Glens Centre is to become a space for artistic incubation, generation and production, where artists of every discipline can have an authentic conversation with a culturally-engaged host community; a place where artistic ideas may be explored, illuminated and transformed.

Values and Guiding Principles 

Equity, Integrity and Diversity

Collaboration, with an emphasis on disruptive thinking, and undertaken with both commitment and enthusiasm

Expression in all forms, being productive, finding support, being able to reflect on our own responses and on the world around us, working in a supportive environment, with the freedom to continually question things.

Excellence, and achieving it through a nurturing environment

Progressiveness, and not trying to prescript the outcome of any activity but letting the creative process light the way.

Our Strategic Aims

Our strategy for the next three years focuses on three areas that are of equal importance to fulfilling our vision and mission:


Enabling excellence in artistic practice through a shared conversation.


Becoming a catalyst for creativity and innovation.


Playing a full part in the cultural life of the community.