A joint initiative of Leitrim Sculpture Centre and the Glens Centre, this new residency programme supports artists from different artforms wishing to conduct interdisciplinary research and collaboration.

Fostering creative exchange between the visual and performing arts the residency will attract visual artists, musicians, actors, photographers, writers, dancers, designers, architects, video & filmmakers and new-media artists wishing to collaborate together on developing a new project and/or range of approaches and skills in advancing their respective practices.

The aims of this research residency are to:

· foster and develop dialogue, exchange & collaboration across different artforms

· advance creative practice through mutual support and interdisciplinary learning

· seed the creative development of new public works of excellence and innovation


Artists based on the island of Ireland may only apply.

Applications will be made jointly by two artists from different artforms and each artist must demonstrate how the use and support of additional artistic media, technique and knowledge will benefit and advance their practice and/or culminate in a collaborative project that integrates different media and approach.

Residency Supports

The residency is for a period of up to 4 weeks which may be broken down in to two periods within the year and each artist will be provided with a private studio-apartment. Participants

will have free access to an expansive range of studio and technical resources at the two Centres including sound and video recording facilities.

The collaborating artists fee is €3,600 ÷2 = €1,800 per artist. This includes a materials, consulting and/or technical support joint allowance of 400 to be determined by the artists.

Residency Requirements.

Although completed artistic outcomes are not required at the end of the residency period a short research report is required that will include visual documentation and/or short recordings or sketches of collaborative work developed to date as well as an appraisal of new skills or approaches acquired, advanced or explored in advancing both artists work. In addition, a short informal talk or visual presentation (to a small local audience) related to the residency will be required. As this research engagement may lead to the collaborative development of a new work for public viewing artists may on completion of the residency propose such a project for consideration by the two Centres.

Application Guidelines

There is no application form and submissions are in the form of one research proposal for both artists (up to a max of 1 A4) that outlines, in brief, the nature of the cross artform or interdisciplinary exchange or collaboration proposed. Structure the proposal according to the following guidelines:

1. Name the artists and the types of art forms or disciplines involved

2. Give details of the new approaches, techniques, ideas or collaborative processes to be engaged and describe how these will advance existing practice, for both artists.

3. Name any technical or consulting support role that may be required by the project. (LSC and the Glens can also assist in locating specific technical support if required.

4. List all of the technical facilities/equipment at the two Centre required for the project

6. List anticipated/potential outcomes and/or other benefits of the project

7. Suggested timeline

Additional Material:

– Collaborating artists may submit no more than 8 examples jointly of their own previous work in the form of jpeg images; short video and/or sound recordings; musical extracts; text-based works; performance-based recordings/documentation, etc. or any combination of these.

– All work examples to be sent digitally together in the same email and be professionally captioned; Artists Name; Title; Medium/Artform; Size; Date; (Context if relevant)

– An up-to-date CV from all artists and technicians (if known)

– An Artists Statement (½ page) from each artist

– Bio of no more than ½ page from each artist

The most preferable way to send proposals is by email as one pdf document no larger than 20MB to: Additional short video or sound files and recordings should be sent along with the proposal using to the same email address. Please only send wetransfer documents within one week of the deadline date. In all cases please put in the subject line, or main content page of the email: ‘CREATIVE EXCHANGE (and your name)

Selection Criteria

· Quality of previous work (20%)

· Innovation within suggested approaches to cross-artform and/or interdisciplinary collaboration, materials, ideas and processes (30%)

· The capacity of the proposed project to support the artists develop new work and/or ideas/approaches in the advancement of their practice (30%)

· Relevance and quality of the project proposal to this residency scheme (20%)

Deadline for Submission is 21st Aug 2020

Notification 11th Sept 2020

Artform Research & Collaboration Residencies are Supported by The Arts Council

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