The Man Who Knew Nothing by Michael Harding

The Glens Arts Centre, Manorhamilton, presents a wonderful new satire by one of Ireland’s most loved writers, Michael Harding. Commissioned by The Glens for its weekly show on Ocean FM, Arts North West, it offers a unique insight on the Irish psyche as only Harding can.

In its efforts to engage with the arts and artists during lockdown, The Glens has teamed up with Ocean FM, one of the most successful regional stations in Ireland (JNLR January 2020) to produce, inhouse, a weekly 30 minute arts show that is broadcast every Thursday 9.30pm and Sunday 8pm. It is also available on Podcast through In the first six weeks of the programme, The Glens has engaged over a dozen artists, a community that is struggling to survive the Covid crisis. It has set up a temporary studio in the Centre under Sound Engineer, Cormac Carroll.

The MAN WHO KNEW NOTHING is a meditation on memory myth and the deceptive way history is always recorded by the winners. In this short drama the author explores this wide theme in a domestic context, but the ability to fashion history according to the self interests of those who record it is as relevant in the domestic sphere as it is in the political.

Michael Harding is the author of numerous plays, novels and 6 volumes of memoir. He writes a chronicle of ordinary life in the Irish Times every week, and podcasts on

He is also a member of Aosdána.

Contact; Brendan Murray, The Glens Centre at 071 9855833 or for further information

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