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Crossing Borders Open Mic : Way-points and Markers

Across the Lines (IFI) with Open Mic Manor and The Thing Itself presents:

Crossing Borders Open Mic Online: “Way-points and markers”
Streaming on The Glens Centre YouTube: Sat 18th July 2020, 8pm. Join In ! Subscribe to The Glens Centre YouTube Channel!
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During the pandemic, we ‘battened down the hatches’ and focused in on whatever would aid us, keeping a look out for the markers signalling danger or good news. And now, as we begin to emerge from lockdown, we survey the scene, mark the point and journey onward…

Inspired by a shared aspect of our Leitrim and Fermanagh landscape, we are taking the theme of ‘way-point’ and ‘marker’ from ‘ancient paths and waterways’ as a way to reflect upon the individual and societal journeying from March 2020 to the where-ever we find ourselves now.

We invite you to contribute to this open mic – by way of remembering or marking a point or place reached, or by way of simply drawing attention.

Submissions received: Between Wed 1st July-12th July. To take part please email for How to Record/Transfer Instructions.

The event is a part of our ‘Across the Lines’ programme which seeks to connect people of north Leitrim and Fermanagh, developing connections and deepening cultural awareness and engagement across two jurisdictions. We thank the International Fund for Ireland for its support.

Break for the Border by Joel Smyth

Delighted to share this piece of prose, written by Joel Smyth for our July 'Way-points and Markers' Online Open Mic. Joel, who many of you reading this will know is shared this as his contribution and by way of encouraging you to write your own piece of prose, poem or lyric as a marker to this time. Besides the catchy title, the wording is striking "I havent been home in months"! We like the way phrases we have all heard and used in recent months "new normal", "old normal" "its okay to be sad" are woven in. Other comfroting and delightful ideas in there – "a virtual quilt cover". We really appreciate the kindly observations made and are sure you will too.We look forward to hearing more as part of our 'way-points and markers' Open Mic Online July 18th. If you wish to take part please submit a recording between 1st and 12th July to Email for How to guide on recording/submitting.

Posted by The Glens Centre on Monday, June 8, 2020

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