Tell your stories for Arts North West!

“A great story can sometimes make a great tune. The pantheon of Irish traditional music is filled with great tunes. Magnificent titles abound like “The Wheels of The World”, “The Enchanted Lady”, “The King of the Fairies”, “Upstairs In A Tent”.

These tunes are all no doubt inspired by real people and events.

We are looking for a great story. It could be a tale of merriment or love, sadness or magic, adventure.

Or perhaps you might describe someone that you feel should have a tune written for them and why.

A true tale to stir the heart, potent enough to materialise as a tune.

It can be as short as Sligo, as long as Leitrim.

Three stories will be chosen and one of Ireland’s greatest fiddlers, Waterboy Steve Wickham, will compose a tune for broadcast, together with the three stories, on Arts North West on Ireland’s most listened to regional station, Ocean FM (JNLR-MRBI 2020). The author names the tune which will live forever for posterity. Arts North West is a new, refreshing arts show produced by The Glens Arts Centre, Manorhamilton.

Please send your scéal (glacfar I nGaeilge co-maith) to –

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