Across the Lines, Song Lines

Choral Spectacular!

“No matter how many walls we build fences we stretch across this landscape….”*

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Hawk and the Crow, Hawk and the Crow (Florencecourt Primary School)

Shores Of Lough Bran (Mastersons National School)

Reconciliation (Curravgh National School plus all)

Both sides of the Tweed (Florencecourt Primary school plus All)

This land is your land (All School Pupils)

Common Ground (Robbie Breadon)

Pluirin na mBan (Cathy Jordan)

Quiet joys of Brotherhood (Sing Together Irvinestown and Manorhamilton)

Deep Down in my Soul (Sing Together Irvinestown and Manorhamilton)

From a Distance (Borderlands Southern Gospel Choir)

Hallelujah (BorderlandsSGC and Solo section by Declan Drohan, Eve and Annabeth Drohan)

Sanctuary Words by Vincent Woods. Music: MartIn O’Connor. Performed Cathy and Dave Flynn

Both Sides Now (Ballagh Choir Of Ages)

Moana How Far I’ll Go (Ballagh Choir Of Ages)

Here’s a Health to the company (3 Choirs)

How Can I keep from Singing (All)

Peace Train (All)

Above is the song list from our recent Border Choral Spectacular – spectacularly performed by three primary schools choirs and 4 adult signing groups across the north Leitrim, west Cavan and Fermanagh region. The songs chosen by each group, and shared with the other groups or learnt new for the event in some way represents the uniqueness and diversity across choir groups as well as the commonality and the singing heritage and traditions of local people and local communities.

Our thanks to the pupils and teachers from Florencecourt Primary School, Curravagh National School, Masterson National School who worked with Cathy Jordan learning new songs and who came toegther on stage to perform and sing together. Our thanks to Sing Together Irvinestown and Manorhamilton, Ballagh Choir of Ages and Borderlands Southern Gospel Choir three unique choir groups all of which are reaching out and being inclusive across the border and each making substantial contributions to community togetherness and joy-giving with the assistance of their musical directors Sarah, Brendan and Dave, and volunteer members.

The evening was MC’ed by the inspiring vocalist and instrumentalist CathyJordan. Cathy also sang, including ‘Sanctuary’ written by Vincent Woods which celebrates the local landscape and this was complimented by the reading of a poem ’Common Ground’ by its author Robbie Brennan. Held at the Ballroom of Romance, the packed out audience made an excellent audience both listening and joining in.

As always running with a ‘newish’ idea there will always be a degree of learning and it’s been great to receive the positive feedback affirming the effort and to hear from a number of other choirs which would have loved to have been involved – sowing seeds of possibility for future projects. It’s been a worthwhile endeavour – celebrating who we are, bringing schools together across the border, bringing unique choir groups together and showcasing their own contributions to social cohesion and community togetherness.

The Glens Centre and the Across the Lines project wishes to thank all those who took part , attended and all volunteers at the Rainbow Ballroom of Romance Glenfarne Co. Leitrim for meeting all our requests!

Attached is our Songlist and images from the evening. (Photos by Jonas Dellow). #AcrossthelinesIFI

“No matter how many walls we build fences we stretch across this landscape….”* from Common Ground by Robbie Brennan.

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