A Dream of Dying – Culture Night 2018

Hear from Killian Glynn who is currently rehearsing for Splódar Theatre Company’s new production A Dream of Dying by Treasa Nealon. Killian is an actor and director from Mayo.

Earlier this year, I was surprised to find an email in my inbox from one Prin Duignan. For those who don’t know him, throughout the course of this project, I’ve been fortunate to learn that he is an incredible person to add to his being an exceptional director.

I had heard wonderful things of Prin, of course, from people I had worked with and was eager to meet him. He wanted to see me to discuss a role in a play, A Dream of Dying, that his company, Splódar, would be producing as a part of Culture Night 2018. Despite being set in Sligo, it had not been performed in the west of Ireland and we spoke about its content, themes and whether or not I would be available to do it. At the time, I was waiting to hear back on another gig and told him as soon as I got word back, I would let him know if I was willing to play the mysterious and evasive Peter Bergmann.

The script leapt out at me as soon as I read it. There was such charisma and fun in the world of the play that contrasted deeply with its knowing sense of melancholy. And to add to this, the character I play, Peter Bergmann, an unidentified man who made a hugely final decision, was a part that had me wracking my brain. There was a sense of responsibility to make sure that while we were giving this man a voice, that it had clarity and was delivered respectfully.

Our rehearsals – as well as Prin and my drives up to and back from Leitrim (thanks Prin, I’m still working on that license) – were great craic. We spent them talking about everything under the sun and not just the script of A Dream of Dying but also how to approach the character, the play, how it would look and so on. Our designer, Kathy, spoke to me about her natural approach and use of oceanic imagery to fully explore the play’s atmosphere and to align it with Peter. It was fascinating.

I am so excited for people to see the script, visuals and performance come together on the night. And most importantly, to acknowledge a man who may not be with us, but whose story can start a conversation, help us to grow as a community and help others in desperate need.

See you September 21st!


A Dream of Dying is a free performance as part of Culture Night at 8pm, Friday the 21st of September. Tickets can be booked online or by contacting our Box Office at (071) 9855833.

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