Hear about The Factory Girls from some of the cast!

Hear from Eileen Slevin, Sheila O’Keefe and Treasa Nealon as they talk about working on The Factory Girls, their characters and why you should go see the show!

Eileen Slevin as Ellen

I play the character Ellen who is a strong woman who will tackle any problem head on. Ellen leads her workmates in battle against the establishment and is not afraid to say what’s on her mind. I admire the fact that she has not let what has happened to her in her life bring her down and that she can still have a laugh with her friends. The play itself shows the friendship and loyalty that can develop between workmates over time. I hope you can come along and see what we get up to!

Sheila O’Keefe as Una

The play explores the lives of five Donegal women who work in a shirt factory. Their jobs are under threat but they fight back. I love the fact that the author, Frank McGuinness gives voice to strong women’s stories. This is rare in theatre. I also like the blend of good laughs and poignant moments in the play. I play Una, the oldest character in the play. It’s fun to play a gossipy “oul wan”. I especially enjoy the wit and banter between the women. They fight but there is a fierce loyalty between them, meaty emotions to portray on stage!

Treasa Nealon as Vera

The Factory Girl’s is a fabulous play about women, their strength and friendship. I play Vera who, as much as she swears at and winds up the others, is willing to risk her marriage and career for them. Working with everyone involved has been brilliant, it is not often you get to call someone a ‘Cheeky wee bitch’ repeatedly and not get slapped! I know this will be a performance that everyone will enjoy as Splódar Theatre Company are famous for their professional and detailed theatre productions!


The Factory Girls, €12/16, 8.30pm 21-24 March

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    I was just wondering if you would have a dvd of the `Factory girls` that I could buy or perhaps borrow as I am a member of a drama group and I would love to see it .

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