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The Glens Centre’s Across the Lines programme working with Kiltyclogher Community Council brings Kabosh’s transformative theatre work Green and Blue, about the border to Kiltyclogher

Recognising the proximity of The Glens to the border area, the Glens through its Across the Lines programme and working with Kilyclogher Community Council is bringing an new piece of theatre by Kabosh to the border village of Kiltyclogher. Theatre has long played a role in engaging with questions of identity and addressing some times difficult social issues. ‘Green and Blue’ as a 1 hr performance which seeks to address more difficult dimensions of identity relating to the recent past in and about Northern Ireland and border communities. Drawing on archive material Green and Blue portrays the experiences of two officers, a member of the RUC and a member of An Guarda Siochana, both stationed at a border posting during recent conflict in and about Northern Ireland. As a reflective piece of theatre, the show makes a valuable contribution to restorative relationships.

Across the Lines programme is hosting the performance which takes place at 7.30pm on the 13th of February in the Kiltyclogher Community Centre, Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim. The performance will be followed by refreshments and an opportunity to discuss the show with each other and the writer Lawrence McKeown and Director Paula McFetridge. All are invited.
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