Writing Wednesdays!

For the final Writing Wednesday of 2017, read this wonderful poem by Grace Mc Cabe!

A List

A list
An endless list
Of lists

A list
to live
to fix
a life

Another list
A map of how
To live
a life

Or just a way
To keep on breathing
Just away
To keep not feeling

Stay in a bed
Stay in a house
Cease to eat
Ignoring thirst
step outside
Still broken
Now Tentative
Now Terrified
But determined
To live walking

Shoulders hunched
Turned in with fear
Neck folded over
Eyes hide Inside
A shrinking body
Invisible stride

A 1000 steps
A 1000 more
Gradually standing
Straight once more
Breath deep inside
Swallow whole
the void

Feel  all the fear
Feel all the pain
Breath in deep
Feel it seep
Out from your bones
Then breathing out
  letting go


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