Hear about Little Red & the Black Dog from Treasa Nealon

Treasa Nealon is a playwright who has had plays performed in Ireland, the UK and US. ‘Little Red & the Black Dog’ is her first pantomime.

It is that time of year again. The weather can’t decide whether to rain, snow or hail. People are rushing from online shop to online shop looking for that perfect gift. Someone is swearing while untangling Christmas lights as the three wise men look on disapprovingly from the crib.

It is also that time of year where the air crackles with magic and almost (we all know a Scrooge!) everyone has a festive grin in place. And to make everyone’s Christmas just a little bit more special, I am delighted that The Glens Centre is starting the tradition of hosting a pantomime for the people of Manorhamilton.

I have exclaimed many times about how surprisingly difficult it is to write a pantomime and how I indulged in one too many double shot lattes whilst juggling Fairy Queens and trying to insert ‘Their Behind You!’ into the script. What I haven’t said is that a script is nothing but a skeleton. It is just words, the carcass of a performance. It is what is done with those words that create something spectacular.

With the expert direction by The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company co-founder Sonia Norris, the mayhem onstage becomes controlled chaos. With the beautiful live music by Dee Armstrong, Ciaran Rock, Brian & Cian Sweeney, you are witness to a fantastic soundscape. With the enthusiastic and brilliant cast of children, teenagers and adults, the characters and the story takes a life of its own. With the countless people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes, their dedication ensures a smoother sailing for us all.

A script is just words, but a team of people bring those words to life.


Little Red & the Black Dog is on 15-17 December at 8pm with a 2pm Matinee on the 16th. 

Mairead Higgins as Simon Cowell with some of our brilliant child actors!

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